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The first rumors about GTA 5

The rumors were quickly amplified after the announcement of Grand Theft Auto V. I must say that Rockstar left the field open to more creative by not revealing the logo of the next title. Impatience helping the different origins of these sounds will not wait for the passage of the November 2 trailer and everyone went to his hypothesis.

The 5 in Roman numerals are also held more than one. Some see the reproduction of the V in a $ 5 bill circulating between 1878 and 1964. In the series of dates, some argue the year 1899, when the Spaniards and Americans fought. Hyspothèse: GTA 5 will see two opposing gangs, Hispanic and American.

GTA 5 - 5 Dollar Bill

Second date, time, or rather, the 60. Hypothesis, the game will take place in the sixties.

The famous bank note also shows a Sioux chief. Hypothesis: the title will take place at Wild West. Generally refuted hypothesis, Rockstar has a title already operating in the world of cowboys and Indians, namely Red Dead Redemption.

Among the places mentioned on the progress of the next GTA 5, Washington has been mentioned (because the city is famous on the ticket) or Los Angeles (seen as the V v of the expansion Vice City).

Finally, on the other hand it ensures the magazine Kotaku have a reliable source and pointed at the opportunity to play several characters and the title will go well in Los Angeles.

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