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News about Grand Theft Auto V

Since the launch of the trailer, the web goes crazy on the unborn child of the aptly named Rockstar GTA V. In short we have the right information every day more or less reliable. We remind you that the information given below are for the moment that the rumors, but if some of them proved to be true, it could fill the most reluctant of us.

GTA 5 Wallpaper

So this time it’s either a UK PlayStation magazine reporter that info come from, Rockstar has obviously not invalidated nor confirmed this information.

1. The main town is well Los Santos, noted that she would be at least 4 times as large as Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. The surrounding countryside, beaches, etc … are enormous. The main character, an African American, traveling by car from downtown Los Santos to the forest and it took 15 minutes. The views are incredible with details like crazy with their cattle farms, large wind turbines, an oil refinery with over 100 working NPCs, vehicles operating, etc … Unlike the Gas Work in Grand Theft Auto IV. Forests are prettier than Red Dead Redemption, and even offer campers, young NPC who drink and dance around campfires, people biking, etc … Rendering the effect of water, plants, trees should be unheard of in a GTA. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 are pushed to their limits, because the game world is gigantic and unheard of on consoles.

2. Dive, climb, roll, crawl … in gunfights, indicating a significant improvement of firing system for better dynamic gunfights.

3. We can climb ladders, climbing holds, etc … and in general there should be more evidence that we can climb.

4. Like Red Dead Redemption could be found in GTA V animals such as dogs, cows, pigs, bulls against the dépeucer can you one? That is the question.

5. There should be the long-awaited return of the aircraft that you can drive however you like.

6. Rockstar would have included many places indoors, such as a mall, a college campus, a police station, a huge hospital, and there is even a vast network of underground sewers that could be used more later in the game

7. The city of Los Santos is full of NPCs doing their own activities as jogging, washing cars, lifting weights, dredging girls being chased by police, while shopping, trimming hedges, moving, filling their cars, etc. …

8. To give a more realistic way the developers have considered the fact of having to fill up with gasoline and cars could be improved / repaired according to our tribulations in the game

9. The phone will always be with the difference that only the people you met in the game will call you to give you a mission or to ask you something before a mission. As against the aspect of “drag / social relations” Grand Theft Auto IV should not be present.

10. In terms of these weapons could find the usual weapons like flamethrowers, remote mines, but also and this would again claymores. It should be possible to pick up objects and use them as a weapon. There would also be a museum in which it is possible to fly from ancient swords, axes, etc. …

11. Could be run on petrol and when you pull, the fire will spread to the source.

12. Goodbye minigames such as bowling, darts, but you should be able to play basketball, lift weights, do arm wrestling, gambling, fighting in cages, runs on water, canoeing of climbing, base-jumping, parachuting and more …

13. The character customization is back, but only in terms of clothing, weight, etc … The player you start a game, can not change your age, size, etc …

14. Rockstar have said that the burglary missions could return, but only as missions.

15. NPCs no children in GTA V.

16. We will have the opportunity to catch NPCs and use them as human shields or hostages.

17. The police are much, much, much more realistic. If you kill someone when you know that there are no police around, you will not risk to have a star, as was often the case in GTA IV. The police use smoke bombs and tear gas, dogs, riot equipment and rams to break down the doors of the building in which you hide.

18. You can enter some buildings, close the doors and put objects in front of you barricade.

19. You should be able to increase the capabilities of your character, as and as you progress through the game, according to your chosen field. For example, if you drive only cars will increase while those driving skills. On weapons, it should be based on the same system improvement.

20. Weapons can be customized and even be made by you, a bit like a Dead Rising 2.

21. A particular mission should be present and the aim will be to escape a very familiar icon of the series of GTA …

22. Conditions such as torrential rains, earthquakes should be present in the game.

23. GTA 5 is concidered as GTA V : San Andreas 2.

  1. alex doucet
    November 10, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    this game his going to be wicked but im just wondering are you going to be able to clime out windows, get gf’s,upgrade cars,get drunk or high from drugs if there will be drugs lol 😛

    • alex doucet
      November 10, 2011 at 5:50 pm

      would be awsome too if if we could kidnap people too lol

  2. Poopoo
    November 17, 2011 at 7:42 am

    what about gangs?

  3. Iciffi
    January 2, 2012 at 11:33 am

    Parties would be cool

  4. Sam
    January 10, 2012 at 2:26 am

    I do not understand. Where did you get this information and what does ” it Should ” mean?

  5. Kyle
    February 18, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    That is awesome

  6. joseph
    December 17, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    woooohooooo gonna b a awsome game

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