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All the latest rumors about GTA 5

Since publication of the official trailer of the next title from Rockstar, everyone talks about Grand Theft Auto 5 and as many say that speculation is rife. And indeed, if you can no longer get to sleep and you look at the trailer loop to try to glean some information, the following might interest you. For indeed, a member of a forum English would have been invited to the Rockstar studios to get their hands on the first 30 minutes of the game and even whether to take what follows with tweezers, you will find a little lower … Yep all his remarks and say that if both statements are true, then GTA 5 may be a monumental way.

GTA 5: all the latest rumors

Let’s start with the main character in the game In our brave informant, the hero of GTA 5 would be an African American who is thirty years. We do not know his name, obviously, but apparently the player the ability to customize its appearance (clothes, weight, etc …) without being able to change their skin color. In addition, another character is also present. A very famous character which we know nothing but that should not be playable.

On the environment title, the map of GTA 5 would be the largest in the history of the franchise. Apparently, only the city of Los Santos would be present but would, however, four times as large as Liberty City. And be careful because the player could walk around the city and discover new places: beaches, the countryside as well as oil refineries. Speaking of which, the title should also allow the player to set fire to gasoline and even blowing up oil pipelines. In addition and as hints at the official trailer of the game, the sets are just beautiful.

Also new but not least, the animals would eventually be the game! It can then play with dogs or cows but you do not know if it will be possible or not to put a bullet in their head. However, there would be no children in the title and we understand why. The player could also walk in the countryside and fall and face to face with young people doing the party or even a walk in mountain biking. Yes, that’s not all. Also according to the informant, GTA V might also allow us to … conduct aircraft or jet-ski! Really too much class. In addition, Rockstar have also added many building interiors to allow us to visit the shops, schools, hospitals and even police. Better still, it would also be possible to survey the sewers of the city. Same thing, it would also be possible to break into certain places.

Pfiou, not bad, right? Yep, but the best is yet to come since the player could also change the car …! The fix, of course, but also to fill up with petrol (which would be managed in the title) or to improve their appearance. Importantly, the player also gain skills while driving certain vehicles, it may well improve his mastery of cars, motorcycles, bicycles or airplanes. The same goes for weapons. Interesting, but not new since previous game offered the same thing.

What else? Well Rockstar have also improved the gameplay of the title by adding new actions and new animations. This would allow diving, climbing, rolling and make a lot of other things. Level weapons, there is the usual arsenal but Grand Theft Auto 5 incorporates also new weapons like the lance flame, explosives or the claymores. Similarly, the player could pick up objects on the street and use them as weapons. Rockstar have also integrated new mini-games such as basketball, weight training, the Paris sports, canoeing, climbing, base jumping, water skiing or the fight in the cage.

A lot of changes to the police, too. If the player commits a crime in the street, and it would not care if the police are not present. The police would also be more intelligent and they might as well use smoke grenades or tear gas, shields and even rams to dislodge us from our stash. That said, the player would also have the opportunity to erect barricades to slow the progression of his pursuers.

So much for the rumors about GTA 5. And we hope very much that they are based …

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  1. cwazyhorse
    November 22, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    I like what is said on here, I personally have longed for a G.T.A title to incorporate a vehicle fuel indicator, so if this is true I’m a happy gamer, all we need is more vehicle destruction such as; fully detachable body parts like front and back bumpers,bonnet,boot,doors and wheels! and would it kill if when you flip a car over the could the roof crumple down? and if when modding a car and you choose to put on a loud exhaust that then that car has a louder tone to it? also when driving fast if I hit the sidewalk will my tyre blow out?

    • Zachary jachimski
      January 12, 2012 at 10:03 pm

      Sounds very good to me they should also incorperate a. Speedometer and a cockpit camera view for all the vehicles also allow you to customize the interior of your vehicle

  2. Sam
    January 12, 2012 at 12:16 am

    There should be an option to play hardcore where you have the same health as anyone else and you get disabled when shot in the leg, etc.

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