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GTA 5: the technology of the word

Since Rockstar announced the development of GTA 5, fans of the franchise have been interested in many aspects of the game as its release, the characters, story and graphics. Another feature of the game seems to have been forgotten, that of speech technology, which for some players is as important as graphics.

Is now unlikely that technology will be used to MotionScan Grand Theft Auto V, there are other ways to make the game more realistic and how the faces of the characters will react when they speak of great importance for some players.

A new technology called Speech Graphics would be even more efficient than the MotionScan, because it would require a storage space much less important, what would be really interesting for users of GTA 5 Xbox 360 because it would be less demanding in terms of number of disks that ‘with a game using the MotionScan. Graphics Speech Team would be able to work closely with the team at Rockstar because they are also based in Edinburgh.

Although the technology cited is very complex, it uses a method using dynamic muscle and acoustic analysis in order to manipulate the face of a character for him to match each word used.

For now, companies have not announced a partnership, but in a recent article, it is stipulated that a large development company and a motion capture studio began a process of integration. While we have no information about Grand Theft Auto V and we don’t have a new GTA 5 official trailer from the two companies, it’s a safe bet that this great enterprise development could be Rockstar Games – What do you think?

We hope to know more this month on the subject and on other aspects of GTA 5 PC at the next GDC 2012 (Game Developers Conference), as the presentation of their technology Graphics Speech and if Rockstar is trying to keep a ahead of the competition.

Watching the video via this link, it is easy to see the benefits that this technology could have in a game, saving data, but it is true that facial expressions still need some work. Details of the movements of the mouth, the muscles of the face and lower parts are exactly the same and the upper face, which includes the eyes and forehead, is downright expressionless, yet this part is very important as it used to transcribe a person’s emotions.

If this technology should be integrated into GTA V, it should be reworked or we end up with characters with no emotion. If GTA 5 is due out this year when Rockstar Graphics and Speech must be much more advanced in their partnership than we think.

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