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GTA V: a release date escapes from a mysterious CV

GTA VWe heard recently of a very big rumor about GTA V, with details in spades but that may be too good to be true. Even if as they say, there is no smoke without fire … A thus be taken lightly, as usual.

The details come from a guy named Brendan, who claims to have studied graphics at Full Sail University. Brendan also claims to have won a contract of 12 months as an intern at Rockstar Games. And finally, he also claims to have harvested a few details about the game and he therefore feels compelled to share with the world as it is above all a human being!

The following is a summary of our source. The original article is much longer.

Los Santos will be the name of the city, itself divided into three parts, the Grand Naranja, and Grand Los Puerta Los Santos. 5 types of populations are represented. It will include different neighborhoods like Santa Monica, San Dignos, Wadsworth, Chola Springs or Alemana. The informant said he may be wrong about the spelling but in the spirit it resembles. The Los Santos will be the largest and most diverse in terms of neighborhoods, arts, culture and geography. The card will be three times bigger than Liberty City. It will include two airports, a private airfield and military base. Two small airstrips are also scattered in the countryside.

If you saw the trailer for GTA 5, the main character is the one driving the wagon, stopped at a traffic, which lowers the hood and the engine is revving. His name is Adrian, a normal guy, attracted by easy money. Since his teens he attended the middle of the mob and seemed untouchable until an older man, Albert (the man in the suit in the trailer) makes its appearance and Adrian sees an opportunity to expand their own interests . Adrian therefore accept to work for him and that’s where the crazy adventure will begin. In the street you will meet strangers who will offer you various missions in order to save you money (like a Red Dead Redemption), but Albert is the person who will advance in the history of the game as in GTA IV you will have choices to make but they apparently have more impact on history and may therefore there multiple endings.

You can also build a team through various meetings that you will make with strangers on the street. Some of them will offer you their services and each will have their own specificities. So you can see a specialist black market of firearms or when a skilled shooter. You can then use that gunner in a van or you use it as a sniper to cover your actions during intense missions. The choice is opening to you so you can create the team you want to like the team of robbers you could see in the trailer. Your character can be customized but not those of your team. Clothing in GTA 5 gameplay have been greatly improved. Each item will be released at the beginning of the game will once more appear bodybuilding, food will not have a direct impact on your character if not you give back some health. Eating too much will not give you but a lack of fat will decrease your physical fitness, accordingly, the strength and endurance will be back and will provide certain advantages in gameplay.

Activities and side missions in GTA IV views will be back as the striptease clubs, bars, drug dealing and racing. In the news, we can perhaps find surfing, playing cards and dice, hang gliding, mountain climbing, car events, off-roading, hiking and legal gambling. Burglary will be back. And what about GTA 5 cheats?

Missions will be divided into 2 types, robberies or holdups. When you cambriolerez only a house or a store, you will recover all the loot but if you go with your team, the spoils will be shared with team members. The driving school car and will be back and firing ranges have been added as a school to improve the stats of weapons. The girlfriends are still in the game but this time the system becomes more attractive. All will be less monotonous. You can break them (to stop the constant calls). Appointments will have their own advantages as in GTA IV, this time with a wider variety of attributes to unlock. The stamps of adrenaline will also back and will operate as a bullet time what will work when you have 6 star wanted to get away. The hideouts will all have safes allow you to store money, jewelry, drugs and weapons rare. The drug trade is almost identical to Chinatown Wars. You can buy drugs to traffickers and sell them to others more expensive. You can also buy laboratories to create your own drug and sell it for you and make money. Adrian will be stuffed, but will not smoke grass. It may be broken but only without the knowledge of his own accord. For example, if in a car with a marijuana smoker and the windows are closed, there hover or to take it launches a Molotov cocktail in a marijuana field, it may end up with broken or because of the smoke . Adrian can not not use drugs but will sell directly on the black market. Pedestrians will no longer drop money on the floor when you assommerez or kill them but you can search and recover, in addition to money, other interesting objects.

Weapons are 50 in number. No big news, the majority of episodes from Liberty City and the upcoming game Max Payne 3. The interesting twist is to find rare weapons, from Red Dead Redemption, you’ll find in antique stores or on the black market. The use of handguns with two hands also makes his return, but only with pistol and uzi sawed-off shotgun. Weapon skills have been reviewed and you’ll increase your ability to use a weapon in gaining experience. Golf clubs, tools, knives, bats, shovels, picks and machetes will also reappeared. You can throw in more bricks and bottles as in GTA IV, brooms, chairs, lamps, boxes, traffic cones and barricades. Pull climbing on ladders or while hanging on ledges or ropes will now be possible. You can also use people as human shields. The weapons will not be customizable but you can choose bullets. The AI will be stronger for the police and it will be harder to get away.

Vehicle, we will find those of GTA IV and Liberty City. Condoms will be interactive and lights and other items are customizable vehicles. The bikes will also return. We find the train, subway, bus with regular taxis and also to help the player to move on the large GTA 5 map. You can climb on subway cars. The aircraft will be flyable. Trans-Fender will return and the bikes can also be customized.

The money will be more difficult to obtain because the gains of your activities will stick to the ground realities. And everything to do with money will also be as real as possible, as payment for clothing, food, property and housing, vehicles, tolls, places and businesses. The value of the hideouts will depend on the location thereof, of its kind … The drug trade is a means used to make you money, such as burglary missions that allow you to collect objects or jewelry you can sell in specialty stores. The taxi missions, ambulances, firefighters will also return.

Are you still there? All this looks very tempting because it looks like a condensed version of” best” of GTA, but is it really real? Waiting for your opinion!

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  1. Daniel Banuelos
    May 21, 2012 at 3:32 am

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!! If GTA 5 is all that this says than it will definetly be the best. Can’t wait!

  2. August 28, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    can you buy stuff from gas stations,car dealers,andhouses

  3. lewis
    September 3, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    But theres no release date metioned in the paragraph it said release date mentioned by mysterious cv so is there one? Will it bee this year ?

  4. Wesley
    November 28, 2012 at 3:44 am

    Sounds fun see if you can get a pickup truck to pull a trailer and haul dirt bikes and fourwheelers and rock crawlers

  5. HotRodYoung
    November 28, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    I cannot wait!!! GTAV is going to be the bestYET. The anticipation is killing me!!

  6. Wesley
    December 28, 2012 at 1:56 am

    Sounds fun
    Can’t wait

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